Third time lucky

Having built a few wind turbines before with mixed results, I wanted to build something a bit better with a simpler design, capable of around 700 Watts

cad cad

As usual first up is CAD. I find building something in CAD to get and idea of what's going to fit the bill is very helpful, also it's easy to either export files for use with the CNC router, or print patterns out on paper, stick it on the material and cut them out by hand.

Making the stator bracket

I took the Stator bracket from the CAD model, imported the file into CamBam to create a suitable tool path for my machine and set it away cutting the part out


Toolpath created in CamBam.


In progress. The CNC machine doing it's thing


It came out pretty good. All that's left is to break off the holding tabs and that's one piece done.

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