Man cave required

I've recently had to move home and although the new place has a few sheds, they are all rotten, leaking and no good for anything other than firewood. The garage being the only place that doesn't leak is stacked so full of stuff than I can hardly get in there let alone swing a cat. Armed with a few hand tools, I tore down one of the old sheds and cleared a patch of ground to begin the build.


In the UK the largest shed you can build without planning permission is 15 square meters, that's if it's built from combustable materials. If you build from bricks or anything non combustable, you can go up to 30m^2 without permission. Being a pallet wood shed means I'm shooting for the 15m^2 option


I have access to an almost unlimited supply of pallets, some are hardwood, most are softwood and a few are made from plywood, all the material I need is there, it's just in the wrong configuration. So the idea is to take the pallets apart and glue the bits up into beams to use as the main structural parts of the frame. The most usable pieces from the pallets are the long rails, 4 Foot long, 3 Inches wide and 7/8 of an Inch thick)


For the main base rails I glued up the 3*1 planks, 3 layers thick with staggered joints until I had a 3" x 3" beam 5 meters long. I made 3 of those. To keep the rails up off the soil I decided to use concrete piers arranged in a grid of 12, 4 along the length and 3 front to back. I dug 12 holes and sleeved them with cardboard tubes that protrude above ground by about 4" and filled them with concrete making sure to keep the tops as level as I could manage, any variation can be shimmed out later. I also kept the piers inside the perimiter of the shed base by about 8" as I'd like the shed to appear floating. At a glance you won't be able to see the piers holding it up.


Under Construction.... Come back soon